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The Kittitas County Democratic Party welcomes you!

Looking for 2016 Precinct Caucus information? You've come to the right place! Our caucuses are March 26. They all start at 10:30, but we're expecting a record turnout, so come early, and bring some patience and something to write with.

Wondering whether you can participate? Use our handy flowchart!

You're a Democrat, but you don't know your precinct, or where to go to find your caucus? Use our handy caucus finder!

Want to skip the lines? Preregister here, print your registration form and bring it with you to your caucus.

Here's a Kittitas County precinct map.

Still have questions? Call 509-899-4956.

About the Kittitas County Democratic Party: Our monthly meetings are open to the public, and, for most votes, any Democrat present can vote on motions. We meet on the fourth Thursday of every month, usually at Rodeo City Bar-B-Que in Ellensburg. Check the Ellensburg Daily Record's calendar for accurate monthly location information. We start with a no-host social hour at 6, followed by the meeting at 7 sharp, ending at 8:30 sharp.

We mostly communicate with our members through our newsletters. You can sign up for our newsletter using the form below, and you can e-mail us at . We're also on Facebook.

Click here for information about our scholarship program for graduating high school seniors.

For our Republican friends: we realize that this is a difficult time to be a Republican. It is possible that that party no longer represents your view, what with its climate change denial, attacks on voting rights and opposition to marriage equality, the Affordable Care Act, equal pay for women, unions, a fair minimum wage, not to mention their current frontrunner for the nomination for President. If you're curious where you stand on the political landscape these days, try the isidewith political quiz, or check out this comparison of Democrats and Republicans. You're welcome to join us, as a number of other former Republicans have.

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